Teaching Experience

I have served as the instructor for the following courses at St. Lawrence University:

  • STAT 113: Applied Statistical Methods
  • STAT 213: Applied Regression Analysis

Additionally, I have served as the lead instructor for the following courses at Oregon State University:

  • ST 201 (Principles of Statistics I), ST 202D (Principles of Statistics II, ecampus), ST 351 (Intro to Statistical Methods I), and ST 352 (Intro to Statistical Methods II).


I have focused on applied problems in the ecological sciences primarily involving and . I began my PhD research career working on population size prediction of moose in Togiak, Alaska, with grant support from the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Service. The challenge in many of these ecological studies is that not all individuals are detected, giving rise to capture-recapture methods, distance sampling methods, removal sampling, and methods involving direct modeling of imperfect detection (which is the area that I work in).


Personal Interests

In my free time, I enjoy hiking and jogging and try to run one half-marathon or marathon every year. I also like to play tennis as well as almost any other racket sport (table tennis, pickleball, badminton, etc.).